Turn-by-turn navigation app

Long before Google and Apple maps, MotionX-GPS Drive was the number one paid app in the Apple App Store.  Thanks to its success, Fullpower planned to release the app on Android, which required it to be rebuilt from the ground up. My hope was for the company to use this opportunity to build it better, because the app’s information architecture, aesthetics and over all user experience were in desperate need of a designer’s touch.

At the time, the company didn’t have a UX designer or researcher. I myself was working full time as a QA engineer and half way through my HCI masters program. However, I was able to attain a wealth of information moonlighting as a customer support rep at Fullpower.

From a sample of several thousand users I listed the top customer support call drivers and stack ranked customer feature requests – all of which heavily influenced this concept. The result, a redefined experience with over a dozen unique features: route customization, traffic on route, full screen guidance, and a dashboard with weather, pre-calculated routes and incident reports.


Fullpower Technologies Inc.




Easy access to everything the app offers.


Find an address, business, and quickly navigate to a recent or saved destination.


Input text or command by telling Drive where you’d like to go.


View the dashboard, switch map types and see traffic conditions.


Access the dashboard from the Maps menu to view weather by the hour and preview driving conditions to frequent destinations.


Browse businesses or POIs by category, create a multi-stop route, go to places you’ve saved, use a route you saved and change your app preferences.

Custom Routes

Use simple gestures to quickly create a custom route to multiple destinations.

Route Adjustment

Easily change a route after it’s been calculated

Route Traffic

The navigation line always indicates the traffic along your route.


Press and hold the route path to add a marker. The marker’s location is indicated at the top of the screen where the user can accept or cancel the edit.

Marker tab

Use the marker tab to move the marker and adjust the route.

Zoom controls

The zoom controls allow users to manipulate the map quickly without it jumping around. Pinch and pull methods are great, but tricky to use with one hand.

Turn-by-turn Navigation

The best way to get to where you’re going

Full Screen Navigation

When the route starts the map goes full screen to reduce clutter and maximize viewing area.  The user can tap on the screen to reveal the menu bar.


At the top of the screen, the user is provided with the next maneuver and following maneuver.  Additionally, the ETA area automatically toggles the time and distance remaining.

3D Street Names

All intersecting street names display as road signs in 3D navigation mode.

Live Route Traffic

Traffic is shown along the route so the user knows if any immediate delays are ahead and when they end.

Speed Limit

The speed limit shows the user’s current driving speed.  Exceeding the speed limit will turn the indicator orange or red depending on how fast the user is driving.